The Simple Forest Model Generator

by Tom Moore , June 29, 2022

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The ForestModel language is used within Patchworks™ to describe stand dynamics. ForestModel is highly expressive and can represent a very broad range of forest conditions, silvicultural practices and disturbance events. Due to the scope of the language elements writing a ForestModel file by hand would be challenging, but the Simple Forest Model Generator simplifies this process.

The Simple Forest Model Generator is a Microsoft™ Excel workbook application. The workbook contains a set of pre-formatted worksheets and Visual Basic macros that assist in the entry of a variety of modeling data. There are worksheet types for collecting yield data, lookup tables, constants, attribute, succession and silvicultural treatments and responses.

The workbook application makes use of the best features of Excel: data validation, easy copy and paste, access to cell formulas for power users. Once the information is filled in a simple click on a menu item calls a VBA macro to gather the information and write out a ForestModel XML file.

The C5 sample dataset that is distributed with Patchworks contains a copy of the Simple Forest Model Generator that is populated with a small sample model, and a copy of this workbook is linked below. This workbook has been updated with the latest ForestModel features, and is a good starting point for developing your own model.

Download Version March 12, 2024