Spatial modeling considers factors such as visual quality, landscape pattern, transportation networks, and how they change over time. Middle image courtesy Tammy Kobliuk.Bottom image courtesy Glen Hooper.

Strategic Planning

Use Patchworks to examine long-term resource sustainability over hundreds of years and multiple rotations, based on polygon-level detail and rich descriptions of stand dynamics and potential management treatments. All spatial relationships are tracked and assessed through all planning periods using the unified environment within the Patchworks software.

Set targets for multiple objectives using the Patchworks goal programming framework. Patchworks can clearly demonstrate trade-offs between competing goals such as timber supply, wildlife habitat availability, road access, efficient silvicultural investment, and other indicators of sustainability.

Develop output and presentation material that clearly portrays your management issues. Patchworks is highly interactive and provides visual feedback to changes in goals, making it ideal for scenario exploration as part of a public consultation.