With our intuitive spatial analysis software and exceptional consulting and customer services, Spatial Planning Systems enables you to overcome your toughest forestry management planning challenges. Use our PatchworksTM software to:

Unique to Patchworks software is:
  • An integrated strategic and operational workflow that is time-saving and cost-effective
  • Multiple-product to multiple-destination road layout functionality that blends strategic and operational objectives
  • Long-term, spatially-explicit allocation functionality within an ecosystem management context
Patchworks features:
  • A newly revamped UI through productivity-enhancing wizards
  • The ability to interoperate seamlessly with other industry-standard GIS and modeling packages
  • A top tier support and upgrade option; on-site training also available
With Patchworks you can:
  • Present solid evidence of operational fulfillment of spatial policies
  • Assess landscape management alternatives quickly and confidently
  • Explore efficient options for old forest, protected areas and habitat cores