New Features

The Patchworks software is always evolving based on customer feedback and our vision for the product. Below is a list of some of the major new Patchworks additions. For a complete list of changes, check the Release Notes.

Crosstab Wizard

Crosstabs are a powerful way to summarize and condense information, much like pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. Previously you could create Crosstabs in Patchworks using API commands, and although this was a flexible solution, the syntax was difficult to master. The new Crosstab Wizard automates the creation of crosstabs, streamlining the process considerably. A few clicks is now all it takes. Once your Crosstab is created, it can be used as the source data for any of your Patchworks report templates. And just like other Patchworks tools, the ‘Show code’ button will reveal the exact API code that can be cut and pasted into the PIN file to make the table or report a permanent feature.

New Report Types

Several new report types have been added to Patchworwks that assist you in comparing outcomes to planned targets. The Target Limit report, for example, shows upper and lower target values along with the outcomes that were achieved by the model: an easy way to visualize and compare how well solutions have met the goals. The Box and Whisker report displays standard statistical measures along with simulation outcomes -- an ideal way to compare simulated values to the range of natural variation.

PIN Builder

One of the comments that we frequently heard from new Patchworks users was that it was difficult to create a PIN file from scratch. In response, we have created a wizard that automates this task. Just follow the instructions given by this easy-to-use wizard and click on the buttons to add required and optional PIN file components. Once you are happy with the set up, click on the ‘Show code’ button to generate and display the file. The resulting file is ready to load into Patchworks, and contains plenty of comments about where further customization can be made.

Core Boundary Extraction

While Patchworks excels at locating and measuring patches on the landscape, landscape ecologist and planners are also interested in interspersions and peninsulas within the area of interest. The addition of the new Core Boundary Extraction tool provides them with a flexible GIS process that uses a buffer in/out to identify areas that fall within the zone of influence of the selected polygons. The output is a shapefile containing a useful array of attributes.