The main Patchworks map viewer enables you to explore your data spatially and temporally in an easy-to-use GIS-based interface.

"Patchworks is the only software currently on the market that allows me to fully address the range of forest management issues that my clients want answers to."

Cam Brown,
Senior Resource Analyst,
Salmon Arm,
British Columbia

What is Patchworks?

The flagship product of Spatial Planning Systems is Patchworks, a sustainable forest management optimization model that enables you to incorporate real-world operational considerations into the strategic planning framework.

Patchworks is a spatially explicit GIS-based sustainable forest management planning model. It provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use suite of analysis, planning, visualization and reporting capabilities that become an integral and essential toolkit for forest planners, analysts and managers. Patchworks functions well at a variety of levels, from policy analysis to strategic and operational planning, combining powerful sensitivity and trade-off analysis functionality. It is an effective decision support and business tool designed and built for 21st century application.

The software’s flexible interactive approach is unique in several respects:
  • Patchworks integrates operational-scale decision-making within a strategic-analysis environment.
  • Patchworks tracks polygon-level detail over long time horizons; detailed spatially explicit harvest allocations can be developed over multiple rotations.
  • Patchworks has a fundamental capability to control and maintain the distribution of landscape structures, such as disturbance patches or core area retention.
  • Sophisticated and flexible transportation modeling is a core component of Patchworks, not an add-on.
  • Patchworks provides a convenient visual mechanism to analyze trade-offs among competing sustainability goals.
  • Patchworks has a powerful scripting language that can be used to build complex, well-documented models.

The Patchworks software is being actively developed and improved. Learn more about the latest features in Patchworks.