Who We Are

Spatial Planning Systems is a small, innovative Canadian firm that has been developing cutting edge simulation modeling technology solutions and applying these to complicated forestry resource management problems since 1996. Through hard work and attention to detail we have established ourselves as a premier supplier of forest management planning software and consulting services. Our solutions provide the kind of insightful information and effective decision support progressive forest managers require.

The technology solutions we develop, sell and support are centered on the Patchworks spatially explicit wood supply modeling software. Our services tend to focus on either integrating Patchworks into a client’s planning workflow or using it to perform custom analysis on their behalf. Our staff includes GIS and modeling experts who can help clean up your spatial data or develop additional information to describe the complex forest dynamics required by your analyses.

About Tom Moore

Tom Moore, president of Spatial Planning Systems, has worked as a systems analyst and software architect since 1981, including a 16-year career as a researcher with the Canadian Forest Service. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of Toronto. In 1990 he was awarded a Master of Science in Forestry by the University of New Brunswick.

Patchworks has evolved since the late 1980’s from ideas developed at the Petawawa National Forestry Institute about planning models and decision support systems. Research from this era with Carey Lockwood led to the publication in the Canadian Journal of Forest Research of Harvest Scheduling with Spatial Constraints, a seminal article on a practical approach to spatial forest modeling. In a continued collaboration between Tom and Carey, the Patchworks system was developed to address several challenging policy analysis problems. Since that time the Patchworks product has grown to include additional spatial modeling capabilities, a full suite of data management and reporting tools, a highly customized and effective interface, and comprehensive documentation and support.

Over the course of his 28-year-long career, Tom has been involved in national level committees standardizing, innovating and promoting technology for forest inventory and management. He has been a regular participant in conferences and workshops, and has contributed articles to scholarly publications and trade journals. He has worked with national and provincial forest agencies, forest products companies and forest management consultants.