"Louisiana Pacific has undertaken years of research and collected mountains of data in support of developing an eco-system based forest management plan. Patchworks was the only product that provided a way for us to meaningfully integrate and forecast this data through time. Patchworks was the connecting piece that helped us link a wide variety of our research projects in a sophisticated analysis."

Barry Waito,
Area Forester,
LP Canada

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Evolve your current forest management planning system: Patchworks can add analytical power to your existing workflow.
  • Don’t load data twice! Patchworks provides data conversion routines that enable you to load data from several popular wood supply models, so you can analyze spatial forest modeling problems using the same input datasets and assumptions you've already developed.
  • Link Patchworks with your existing planning tools and Management Information System. Patchworks’ open API and flexible architecture is easy to customize and integrate with broader MIS frameworks.
  • Take full advantage of the power of Patchworks using Spatial Planning Systems’ comprehensive documentation - including easy to follow tutorials for data preparation and analysis.
  • Bring your Patchworks skills to the next level. Spatial Planning Systems offers an introductory course for planning team members, and an advanced course for analysts. Ask about customizing the course content to meet the specific needs of your organization.