"Spatial Planning developed a modeling solution that allowed us to evaluate different policy alternatives as part of an adaptive management framework.  Patchworks integrated easily within our modeling environment allowing us to spend more time asking questions and less time formatting datasets."

Michael Gluck,
Ecology Forester,
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Policy Analysis

Planning team participants tend to be wary and distrustful of black box solutions that are slim portrayals of the real world. Patchworks gives you a transparent process that actively engages stakeholders by enabling them to visually interpret complex future options, leading to clearer understanding and better specification of realistic outcomes.

Forest management policies, regulations and guidelines are complex and have subtle interactions. Proposed policies may have unintended consequences and unexpected costs. The Patchworks software allows a precise analysis of the impact and results of existing and proposed policies, not just on timber supply, but on other economic, social and ecological conditions and values. While exploration of the impacts of spatial policy options can be insightful and valuable, it is something that has been costly and difficult, if not impossible, to accurately undertake in the past.