"The ability to integrate operational considerations such as block sizes/locations, transportation/allocation issues, and stand level economics with forest/ landscape level objectives means Patchworks can represent the full problem and then find a near optimal solution to it. And I’d rather have a near optimal answer to the full problem, than a true optimal answer to a subset of the problem."

Cam Brown,
Senior Resource Analyst,

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With the Patchworks software you can seamlessly blend your strategic and operational forestry management planning workflows.

  • Use the detailed harvest allocations produced by Patchworks to reduce the time and cost of operational planning; make amendments to the operational schedule using the point and click interface and quickly assess changes to the long-term strategic goals.
  • Hold highly effective public consultations, such as open houses and local citizens’ committee meetings, where you visually demonstrate the impact of site-specific changes.

Ontario Case Study

Learn more about how workflow integration is revolutionizing Ontario’s forest management planning process in the October 2008 Forestry Chronicle article Patching Together the Future of Forest Modeling: Implementing a Spatial Model on the 2009 Romeo Malette Forest Management Plan (Rouillard and Moore, 2008).